Explorer AX-RGB700 Aura RGB 700


  • RGB LED with unlimited colors, manual control, and choose from 8 creative lighting modes built-in ready to go
  • Features a digital OLED display and tactile aluminum buttons for easy mode/power adjustments
  • 60 high-quality LED emitters
  • 1%-100% brightness adjustability
  • 8 creative lighting modes
  • 700 Lumen Maximum Brightness packed into a small and portable LED
  • Beautifully designed single piece unibody case made from high-grade aluminum
  • Lightweight at 210g
  • 5000mAh built-in lithium battery offers 2 hours of runtime when used at 100% and 5200K
  • Includes a USB-C charging cable and shoe mount


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The Explorer AX-RGB700 AuraRGB700 is a lightweight, compact and bright LED photography and videography RGB light. With 8 different modes, including Orange light, Color temperature, RGB color, Lava lamp, Lightning flash, Warning light, and Creative scene mode, the AX-RGB700 creates many settings to get creative. The LED features a frosted surface that outputs soft, even light, with precision adjustments for power output and creative presets under each mode.

The Explorer AX-RGB700 AuraRGB700 is built to last, being made from a high-quality aluminum case that is lightweight and durable, measuring 140 x 76 x 14mm (5.5 x 2.9 x 0.5″) and weighing 210g (0.46lbs). The AX-RGB700 features a digital OLED display and tactile buttons that allow you to cycle through the 8 different modes quickly. 2x 1/4″-20 mounting screw allows for easy mounting of the light to hot shoe/cold shoe mounts.

Included are 32 two-color and 28 RGB color LEDs to produce a bright and adjustable light. Brightness intensity adjustments from 1% to 100% can be made, with maximum brightness being 700 lumens. The integrated 5000mAH battery offers 2 hours of runtime when used at 100% and at 5200K. Please note different modes will consume more or less battery and can be recharged with the included micro-USB-C cable.

The AX-RGB700 includes the LED panel, Shoe mount adaptor, Wrist strap, and USB-C charging cable.

Mode 1 - Orange Light Toggle through 6 preset color temperatures
Mode 2 - TemperatureSet the specific color temperature between 2500K and 8000K
Mode 3 - RGB Color Set specific color tone and saturation
Mode 4 - RGB AdjustFinely adjust Red, Green, and Blue color from 0-100%
Mode 5 - Lava LampLight transitions between various colors at a selected slow medium or fast speed
Mode 6 - Lightning Flash A lightning flash simulation that can be set as a slow, medium, or fast speed
Mode 7 - Warning Light Ambulance/ Police warning light simulation, which can be set at slow, medium, or fast speed
Mode 8 - Scenes7 preset color transitions that can be selected to create different lighting effects. 


Explorer AX-RGB700AX-RGB 2Explorer AX-RGB700AX-RGB 4AX-RGB 5Explroer AX-RGB700

Additional information

Power Range


Color Temperature


Max Brightness

700 Lumens

Max Illumination


Number of LED


Charging Port

USB-C, 5V/2A

Charging Time

4 hours



Battery Life

100% power @ 5500k for 2 hours

Temperature Operation

-10C-35C, Storage temp -10C-50C, 14F-95F, Storage temp 14F-122F

Mounting Port

1/4inch mount x 2


140 x 76 x 14 mm, 5.5 x 3 x 0.5"

Product Weight (kg)

0.46lbs, 210g

Included Items

Aura RGB x 1, USB-C Charging Cable x 1, Hot/Cold Shoe Mount x 1, User Manual x 1


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Explorer AX-RGB700 Aura RGB 700 LED Lights | Explorer Photo & Video USA | 2
Explorer AX-RGB700 Aura RGB 700