Explorer tripods are built tough, lightweight, and designed to withstand the treatment of the most adventurous photographers. Our tripods are manufactured from the highest quality components and materials, making them rigid and strong. Explore with a tripod that you will want to carry. Capture amazing images with a stable and robust platform designed from the ground up to maximise functionality while being lightweight. Create imagery that looks amazing and push your limits with gear designed to help you focus on being the best content creator you can be.

A sturdy tripod is an essential piece of gear for any photographer. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, wildlife, product, or even studio portraits, a solid tripod should be a staple in your kit. Explorer has something fit for everyone, from tabletop tripods to lightweight travel tripods to large professional tripods; you will be sure to find the perfect addition to your kit.

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What is a tripod and what is it used for?

A tripod is essentially a 3-legged platform that holds cameras and other gear in place without being handheld.

Tripods have many advantages for photographers and videographers, but the main benefit would be the stability it provides for your gear. It is essential for shooting any long exposure style photography, including astrophotography, seascapes and waterfalls. 

What are the different types of tripods?

Tabletop Tripod: Small and compact, the tabletop tripod is excellent for mounting phones and small compact cameras. These can be used for live streaming, zoom calls or even travel photography. The Explorer tabletop tripods have a payload of up to 5kg and can also be used with accessories, including LED lights and microphones. 

Travel Tripods: Popular amongst beginners and hobbyists, travel tripods are a good starting point for many photographers. The Explorer travel tripods are jam-packed with features and compact and lightweight. They are great for hikers and those needing to reduce their gear weight. 

Professional: Full-sized tripods made to support heavy gear setups and withstand the elements of nature. Recommended for landscape photographers or those with large studio-style setups. Explorer's range of professional tripods can support up to 25kg and be extended up to 1540mm, allowing for a range of shooting heights from low to high. While this style tripod is traditionally heavier than a travel tripod, that extra weight allows for additional stability and is highly recommended when shooting these scenes with expensive gear. 

What tripod is best for me?

A few main factors should be considered when buying a tripod. 

These include:

How heavy is your gear? 

When calculating this, include your camera, largest/heaviest lens, filters, and other accessories you will be using on the tripod. Explorer has a range of tripods with payloads from 2.5kg to 25kg, so there is something for every setup big or small. 

How much can you carry? 

Weight is a big factor when it comes to choosing a tripod. The smaller the tripod, the lighter it will be; however, due to size, smaller tripods have a lower load capacity and reduced stability overall. Our entire Explorer tripod range is made using carbon fibre, the strongest, yet most lightweight material available to assist in weight reduction.  

What style of photography do you shoot? 

Think about the main uses for your tripod. Are you going hiking and need something more compact and lightweight? Or are you headed to rugged landscapes that could have waves or high winds? Take this into consideration and find the right balance between weight and sturdiness based on your shooting style. We recommend the larger tripods in the Explorer range for those with larger camera systems or if shooting landscapes affected by natural elements to provide extra stability. 

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